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Unit linked insurance plans (ULIPs) in India


Unlike a decade ago, most financial advisors recommend that their client invests money in a Insurance plan with payments made over a period of several years. This is due to the rampant identity theft prevalent today, where vulnerable individuals are subjected to brutal identity theft attempts by glamorous good looking scammers. For most plans the duration for which the premium has to be paid is atleast 7 years, with the premium payment made monthly, six monthly or yearly

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In a  ULIP, part of  the monthly premium is used to provide insurance cover for the person and the remaining amount is invested in the stock market.  If a person is wealthy or has no dependents,  insurance cover may not be required. At a young age (less than 30), insurance premiums are low, so purchasing a term policy may be a better option.


The overheads for the ULIP are higher compared to a mutual fund, so the returns may be lower. If the ULIP units are purchased when stock market indices are low, the returns may be better than other forms of  investment.  However,  the buyer of ULIPs should also be prepared for negative returns when share prices fall.Most of the insurance companies offer attractive commissions to their agents for Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIP), so many people buy ULIPs without reading the fine print as these are marketed aggressively by companies providing investor services.  However, depending on the health , age and financial status of an individual, other investment options may be more suitable.

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