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Horizon II Pension

Unit linked insurance policy (ULIP), equity % is higher initially and reduces close to the retirement age

From SBI Life


Unit linked insurance plan which adjusts the investment according to age

Based on the age of  the person, the debt equity component is periodically adjusted

Age at entry : 18-60 years

Minimum premium: Rs 12,000 p.a

Options : Dynamic plan and Growth plan.

For Dynamic plan, 80-100 % of  the funds will be invested in equity markets initially and the remaining amount in bonds or the money market. As the person ages, the equity investment decreases gradually to 0-15% at the end of the 20 year term and the investment in bonds increases.

Growth plan is similar to dynamic plan, but the initial equity component is even lower < 75% compared to the  dynamic plan

Once a dynamic or growth plan is selected, it cannot be changed

Funds available : Equity pension, bond pension and money market pension funds

100% fund value paid on surrender from 4th policy year onward.


Investments in ULIPs are subject to market risk.

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